FREE ONLINE PLAY! Interactive Dog Puzzles

FREE TO PLAY! Twelve (12) interactive dog puzzles you can solve right from your computer or phone! Take a break and have some fun with these adorable pups.

After you complete each puzzle, the next puzzle unlocks for you to solve! Remember to PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON (located above each puzzle) to keep your place. This way, if you don't have time to finish all the puzzles at once, saving each puzzle you complete will save your place so you can continue where you left off.

Note: the puzzle piece will click in place when it is in the right spot!

When you finish having fun, come see what else Doodle Dog Town has to offer! We have fun, unique products for you and your pup, printables, informative blog posts, freebies and more! 

DID YOU KNOW puzzles are good for our brain?

  • Solving puzzles help sharpen our short-term memory and improve our mental speed.
  • Puzzles can increase our concentration levels.
  • Doing a puzzle can help relieve stress and anxiety, much like meditation
  • Helps with problem solving skills

So, when you want to take a break from a stressful long day and relax with your pup by your side or on your lap, bookmark this page and enjoy solving these adorable dog puzzles! When you finish them all, challenge yourself again to see if you can beat your previous time!