FREE Printable DIY Doodle Dog Christmas Tree Ornaments

Mini Goldendoodle lying in front of fireplace next to small Christmas tree with DIY ornaments

Looking to offer a unique activity at the family holiday party this year? Searching for a fun and entertaining project to do with the family this holiday season? This craft may be the answer! 

Everyone loves a fun and inexpensive activity. Check out these FREE printable doodle dog Christmas tree ornaments! Great for all ages! (For personal use / adult supervision recommended for children).

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Collage of Shrink film, scissors, hole puncher and red ribbon


• 1 package of printable shrink film. I recommend Grafix Shrink Film from Amazon. 

• A color printer

Twine or ribbon

• Scissors to cut out artwork

Hole puncher to help cut the hole

Sharpie Marker (optional - for personalization)

• An oven, cookie sheet, parchment paper and oven mitt


black inkjet printer printing brown doodle dog ornament

1. Print the PDF

Please click here and enter your email address for access to the printable PDF file. You will receive an email with a link to download the printable ornaments. 

woman's hand writing the name Millie on dog house printable

2. PERSONALIZE (optional)

For a personal touch, write your dog’s name on the dog house with a Sharpie permanent marker. Remember to write it a large as possible becuase it will be shrinking to about 30% of its size.

hand cutting out doghouse with the name Millie written on it


With scissors, try and cut as close as possible to the outside of each illustration. You can also choose to cut just outside the border and leave a small white outline around each artwork.

*Don’t forget to cut out the HOLES inside each piece!

In order to thread the twine to create an ornament, you will need this hole. This hole needs to be trimmed out BEFORE you put in the oven and shrink. I recommend using a hole puncher. 


For this step, please follow the instructions on your shrink film package. Grafix Shrink Film suggests:
• Preheat oven between 300°-350° F
• Place artwork on cooking sheet lined with parchment paper
• Cover artwork with parchment paper to keep film from sticking to itself when baking
• Bake for about 2-3 minutes. **To determine best oven temperature and time, test with a scrape piece**
• If slightly curved, flatten with spatula after baking (do NOT touch until it has cooled off)

Note: After printing my ornaments, I cut some of the excess Shrink Film paper that was around the printed artwork. I then took these little pieces and did a test in my regular conventional oven and noticed the paper sometimes created a dimple. Therefore, I tried my toaster oven and it worked great and shrunk in less time—about a minute. All in all, test with the excess paper to see what works best in your home. 


Do NOT touch the ornaments until they have completely cooled down. Again, if not the are not flat, push down with a spatula.

nine finished DIY doodle dog ornaments


Cut the twine or ribbon to your desired length, thread through each hole and tie a loop.


Sit back, relax and enjoy your fun creation! 

Snap a picture and tag us @DoodleDogTown so we can see how yours looks, too!

Merry Christmas!


This project was inspired by The Broke Dog.


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