30 Best Thank You Gifts for Dog Walkers (2024)

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift to give to your favorite dog walker? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 30 gift ideas for any professional dog walker.

In this list of 30 best gifts, some are practical items, such as a dog water bottle, dog leash, dog seat belt, poop bag dispenser, etc. Other items suggested may include awesome gifts and fun things any dog walker can spoil themselves with, such as a dog t-shirt, bath bombs, fun shoes, a coffee mug, and more!

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colorful women's shoes with doodle dog pattern


1. Skechers BOBS Dog Sneaker

Check out these adorable comfortable shoes that are completely covered in a colorful illustrated dog pattern. Skechers offers a vast variety of these dog shoes with different dogs, colors, and styles so you can find the perfect version for you dog walker. With its synthetic sole and memory foam footbed, it makes a great present. Even better, with any purchase of BOBS footwear, Skechers will donate to an animal welfare organization. Therefore, not only will your dog walker gift idea make one happy dog walker, your money will be donated to a special charity, as well! Read more about this great idea here


2. Foot Massager

What better way to say thank you to the world’s best dog walker! After a day of dog walking, your helper will thank you for this wonderful thing, as a foot massager will help those tired feet feel better.


3. Fitness Tracker

One of the best fitness trackers out there today is the Apple Watch. The new series 7 is crack resistant, dust resistant, and water resistant! This watch allows you to measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG, check your heart rate, and track your sleep. The only downfall is it's expensive.

For a more affordable alternative, try the Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness and Health Tracker with built-in GPS. Fitbits are a lot more affordable and would make a great Christmas gift for your wonderful dog walker.


4. Appointment Book

Want a good gift idea during the holiday season? With Christmas being at the end of the year, your dog walker is likely going to need a new appointment book for scheduling their dog walks for the following year. Help ease any stress by offering this tool to help them stay organized.


5. Wireless Earbuds

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts or music while on a walk, including your dog walker. If you're feeling very generous, Apple Airpods are the hot item these days—but again, these are very pricey. A better idea for this small gift may be Tiksounds Wireless Earbuds. These high-fidelity stereo earphones are great for sports and work and give you a full 7 hours of listening.

6. Dog Walker T-shirt

Who doesn't love an extra t-shirt?! While your dog walker sports their "dog walker" shirt while out walking dogs, it can act as free advertising for them, as well. This rugged dog walker tee is great for the guy dog walker with its high quality, classic fit. Great for lounging around in after a long day of walking dogs.


7. Dog Car Seat Cover

If you have a dog walker who needs to transport your dog to a hiking trail or somewhere other than your home, you may invest in gifting them a dog car seat cover to help protect their car seats. Dogs can get muddy sometimes and it's best to protect their vehicle from these messes. When choosing a cover, make sure you find one with adjustable straps so it can be tightened or loosened, as needed.


8. Dog Seatbelt

To go along with the car seat cover, one must also have a car leash to keep the dog safe in its place. These leashes do a good job of keeping the dog from falling off the seat or trying to climb up by the driver. One end hooks to the dog’s collar and the other end hooks into the car's seatbelt holder.


9. Dog Paw Cleaner

After a long walk on a trail, a dog's paws are likely to get muddy. Sometimes, your dog walker may not have access to a hose or sink to wash your dog's paws off. Give them a portable dog paw cleaner to help them wash your dog's paws. And it's so easy to use!



10. Dog Water Bottle

These portable water bottles come in so handy when you're out and about away from any water bowls. Its compact size and hand strap make it easy to carry.


11. Dog Walker Mug

Check out the best dog walker mug on the market— it makes a great gift for that special someone who helps walk your dog.



12. Paw Bracelet

This paw print stainless steel dog lover charm on a double black string bracelet makes a special gift for a guy or girl. A perfect gift for any dog sitter.



13. Hands-Free Dog Leash

Help relieve the stress of holding a leash by gifting your dog walker a hands-free leash. These are particularly suitable for those who prefer jogging with a dog, rather than just walking. With one's arms moving faster when running, not having to worry about holding a leash really lessens strain on the back.



14. Waterproof Dog Leash

There's nothing worse than a dirty leash that you can't wipe clean. Biothane leashes are waterproof and easy to wipe clean. They are also non-toxic, stain and odor-resistant, and a remarkable alternative to a traditional leather leash.



15. Best Dog Walker Ever Keychain

Express your appreciation to your dog walker for their dedication to your beloved pet.


16. Dog Puzzle

After long days of walking dogs, what better way to relax other than putting together a puzzle. This bright colorful, challenging puzzle is the perfect present!



17. Dog Poop Bags

In case your dog goes number two, your dog walker will not want to be empty-handed! It's a good idea to make sure your helper has dog poop bags to clean up any messes along the way.



18. Dog Treats

Don't leave the house without doggy treats! A small treat is one of the best ways to reward a dog for its good behavior.



19. Dog Treat Bag

Carry those dog treats in style! This eco-friendly treat pouch is made with mother nature in mind with a 100% recycled knit body made from 10 plastic water bottles. And it's easy to clean!



20. Bath Bombs

Walking dogs can be hard work. Consider putting together gift baskets that include items that will help your dog walkers feel appreciated. A bath bomb gift set is a great way to help a person feel like they deserve to relax after a long day of walking.



21. Dog Socks

Socks with dogs on them are affordable dog walker gifts! These would be another great item to add to a gift basket to create the best present!



22. Collapsible Dog Bowls

Dogs get thirsty when they are out exercising! These collapsible dog bowls are convenient to carry when walking a dog—and easy to clean, as well.



23. Dogs are My People Candle

Who doesn't love a good-smelling candle while relaxing after a long day of dog walking? Consider aromatherapy jar candles—they are made with 100% natural soy wax for a clean, non-toxic, long-burning candle. Infused with Fresh Grass, Leather, and Musk.



24. Water Bottle

Keep your dog walker hydrated with a stainless steel, double-walled, leak-proof 64 oz insulated water bottle. This particular water bottle comes with 3 different lids!



25. Dog Walker Hat

Keep the sun out of their eyes in style with this adorable hat! It has a stitched dog on the front with an awesome saying stitched on the rim that reads "Life is Good"


Other ideas worth considering...

26. Thank You Card + Gift Certificate

Sometimes, a good old-fashioned, hand-written thank you card can have the biggest impact. Let your dog walker know how much they are appreciated in your own words and add a gift certificate or Amazon gift card as an extra special bonus.


27. Bag of Candy

Find out what their favorite candy is and splurge on a big bag—a simple gift such as this may be the right gift for your dog walker.


28. Coffee

Does your dog walker enjoy a good cup of joe? Support your local coffee shop by purchasing a gift card to give your helper so they can enjoy a delicious coffee of their choice.


29. Cookies

Who doesn't love a batch of cookies? Find out what your dog walker's favorite type of cookies are and make up a dozen or two. If you're not much of a baker, your local bakery might be the right place to get a dozen cookies or a gift card for your dog walker.


30. Gift Card

When in doubt, a gift card is always appreciated. Find out your dog walker's favorite store and give them a gift card so they can splurge on what they love. 


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