11 Reasons to Get a Mini Goldendoodle

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Should I get a Mini Goldendoodle?

Has this question recently crossed your mind? Have you been thinking about getting a great family pet to add some excitement to your life? Although there are many smaller dogs to choose from, I recommend a Mini Golden Doodle (which is a hybrid dog / designer breed consisting of a toy poodle or mini poodle crossed with a purebred golden retriever) as a family-friendly choice because of all the positive qualities they endure.

Here are my top 11 reasons why now is the perfect time to add a fur ball puppy to your family.

 young boy running along side a mini goldendoodle dog on a long paved path with prairie grass on the sides and trees in the background and blue sky with white clouds

1. Encourages Exercise

Not only do dogs need their exercise, we humans need to stay in good shape, too! Having high-energy, active dogs can help us get motivated to get out and walk. There are six of us in our family, so our Mini Goldendoodle has plenty of humans to get her moving. A Mini Goldendoodle should get at least 30 minutes of activity per day. If one person in your family doesn’t have that much time to spare, try breaking it up between people. In our household, we sometimes take turns giving Millie a walk around the block, which takes about 10 minutes. So, if three different people take her on a short walk throughout the day, our dog would have the recommended 30 minutes of activity. In our house, which is always full of young children, friends, and neighbors, our Mini Goldendoodle puppy gets a significant amount of exercise every day just by playing tug of war, chase, fetch, and all sorts of exciting games.

2. Boost Your Mood

Having a dog around really is the best way to help you feel more relaxed and at ease. Dogs are known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD, as well as ease loneliness. A dog is always there for us when we need someone to talk to someone. F1 mini Goldendoodles are also a good choice for therapy dogs. Did you know caring for a dog can help children grow up to be more active, secure, and warmhearted? Owning a dog can have some powerful physical and mental health benefits. Reduce health problems and health issues by adopting a Mini Goldendoodle to help ease symptoms such as those listed above.

young boy in black shirt kissing the top of a mini Goldendoodle's head outside on a patio

3. Unconditional Love

Dogs will always love you. When you are feeling lonely, a dog will be there to play with, snuggle and give you kisses. Petting, hugging, or even just touching a soft mini goldendoodle’s coat can rapidly calm and soothe us, giving us that warm and loving feeling. In our family, everyone always needs to find our dog before bedtime and kiss and hug her good night. It is that love that I see my children have for their dog that gives me the certainty that we made the right choice in bringing her into our family.

4. Easy to Train

It takes many weeks, if not months, to potty train and help your new pup learn commands, rules of the house, and fun tricks. It is important to house train early on to develop good habits for your puppy. If you put in the work, a Mini Goldendoodle will catch on quickly. In a short amount of time, he will be a well-trained dog!

How do you train a dog? Some people opt to have a dog trainer come to their house to work with their dog one on one. Others take their pup to a training school along with other dogs, which is great for socialization. With many places closed due to social distancing, many people are choosing to take online dog training courses. Whichever way you decide to train, I highly suggest you make it a priority when getting a new dog.

 goldendoodle playing tug of war with a bright neon red, orange and yellow rope

5. Instant Playmate

This mixed breed is a great fit for families. My kids spend hours each day playing with our dog, who is truly like a family member. My youngest loves to bury her inside pillow forts and blankets while playing hide-and-go-seek. My older kids enjoy snuggling with her while reading or doing their homework. They play chase around the house and fetch outside. Our dog definitely keeps our children entertained.

What is a con to owning a Mini Goldendoodle? When everyone is fighting over her! “I was snuggling with her first!” or “He got a treat to give Millie just to get her out of my lap so he could be with her” or “I called holding her in the car this time!” I think the only way to semi-resolve this problem would be to adopt another Mini Goldendoodle. Someday! ;)

6. Built-In Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a certain someone who tends to spill crumbs all over the floor, having a dog around will help clean up those messes. Of course, they don’t do as good a job as a pet vacuum cleaner like the Crosswave Pro, which I highly recommend, but when you accidentally spill some ketchup or drop a piece of meat while making sandwiches, a dog will happily lick it up until you get around to doing a good cleaning.

woman holding up to her face a cute doodle dog puppy with blond curly hair

7. Positive Distraction

With all the uncertainty we are facing right now in the world, having a dog around will most definitely keep your mind off the pandemic we are facing. Maybe there are other struggles in your life where you are looking for something positive to keep your mind off your troubles. A dog very well might be the answer! Dogs are the best listeners! (except for the occasional bark saying “Come play with me!”—which can be a positive distraction, thereby suppressing those worrisome thoughts)

8. Teach Responsibility

Children will have a better understanding of what responsibility means when they see that it takes work to raise a puppy. Kids can assist in making sure the dog has food and water each day. It also encourages kids to pick up after themselves to avoid getting their toys and shoes eaten up (which can happen in the early puppy stages, as puppies like to chew.) 

Our Mini Goldendoodle enjoys grabbing socks off the ground and running around the house like crazy hoping that someone will chase her around. In times like this, training with words like “Drop It” comes in handy. It also teaches our kids not to throw their socks on the ground. Otherwise, the dog will eventually get them and sometimes put holes in them. In worse-case scenarios, a dog could eat a sock and cause internal damage. 

All in all, having a pet helps kids realize that it takes a lot of work to care for an animal and that one must be responsible for keeping anything up and out of the way that could harm a dog. 

9. Can Help Lessen Allergies

Kids who grow up with a dog develop fewer allergies over long periods of time. In our case, it helped our children relieve some of their allergy symptoms. Two of my children used to have severe allergic reactions when around other dogs, but when we got our Mini Goldendoodle, which has less dander than most dogs, they have since developed immunity to dogs and no longer have extreme reactions. I wouldn’t say their allergies have completely disappeared, as every once in a while, they may get itchy eyes if they have been petting a dog for an extended length of time. But overall, it has been a significant improvement. My oldest son used to develop swollen eyes, irritated skin, and itchiness when going to his friend’s house where lives two large dogs. Since we have gotten our Mini Goldendoodle, he can now go over there with absolutely no issues at all. This popular dog really is a good fit for allergy sufferers.

playful goldendoodle dog upside down with ears flopped onto carpet holding a tan Sock Monkey stuffed animal

10. Fun Personality

Mini Goldendoodle puppies are known for their loving, playful, and fun personalities. Our Mini Doodle makes us smile when she brings her dog toys to us, showing us that she wants to play. Tug of war is her favorite game—and she wins most of the time with her silly tricks. It’s adorable how they peck at their rope or stuffed animal while you try and grab it. She reminds me of a chicken when she does this! There isn’t a day that goes by where Millie has not made us smile. Their lively and witty personality alone is a great reason to get a Mini Goldendoodle!

11. Protection

Good guard dogs in your home significantly reduce the chance of a robbery or break-in because an intruder knows that a dog will warn their owner or attack them. Keep in mind that most Mini Goldendoodles love attention from people, so this particular type of dog may not be the best watchdog in terms of attacking a trespasser, but they most certainly are good at letting you know if someone has approached your home.


Overall, a Mini Goldendoodle is the perfect puppy and would be a delightful addition to your life for all these reasons and more. I don’t know about your social media feed, but mine has been exploding with friends and family adopting new puppies into their families. Maybe it's a good idea for you to adopt a new puppy, too!


There are many different types of goldendoodles and different sizes ( f1 miniature, f1 goldendoodle, f1b goldendoodles, f1b mini goldendoodle, american goldendoodle, medium goldendoodles, standard goldendoodle, english goldendoodle and more!) – just make sure you find a reputable breeder to help you choose your designer dog.


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